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B E R I Q I S U x Harlem Bespoke

We (Harlem Bespoke) caught up with the founder of Beriqisu during fashion week to check out what the Harlem designer label has in store for the upcoming fall delivery.  Belkis Whyte is now a fashion industry veteran who started the uptown collection at a young age and has notably dressed none other than BeyoncĂ©.  The new Beriqisu collection will be at the upcoming Sugar Hill Market on Sunday, September 21st at the garden gallery of 259 West 132nd Street: LINK

HB: What is the inspiration behind your company? 
BW: The inspiration behind my company is vibrant colors and electric prints. What better place to derive from than my own background, Ghana, West Africa. I love the people, food, energy, and booming market places. The brand, Beriqisu, continues to mold and find it's place in the fashion world while consciously leading support to women and children in Ghana. This season, after my trip to Ghana, we have set a system I'm place to use fabrics from the women in Ghana directly. It's not an easy task but it inspires me to work hard because someone is depending on the line.

HB: Has it been difficult launching a designer line in Harlem? 
BW: I do not think it has been difficult launching Beriqisu in Harlem at all. It has been as welcoming as when I arrives in May 2007, bright eyed college student, to start my internship at Ralph Lauren and Natori by Josie Natori. Harlem will always be home!

HB: What are your favorite pieces in the collection? 
BW: Ahhhh it's so hard to pick because I love them all so much!!! I guess I would say my favorites are the Aleyda Button Dress and the Fre Sleeveless Shirt with White Collar. Aleyda dress is a classic A-line dress with great detailing....easy for on the go! Fre to is striking in it's print to solid contrast and tailored structure...pair with denim, matching skirt, or legging and you're ready!

HB: As the season changes, how will the line transition? 
BW: As the season changes the line changes with it! So going into Fall'14/15 there's more icy colors instead of the brighter colors. Also the prints transition into tighter patterns in darker saturated coloring. And of course the silhouettes have to change to compensate for the colder weather. This Fall we have a lot of easy to layer pieces like the FahFah Strap Dress easily layered with a blazer or chunky cardigan. And Savannah pencil skirt which can easily be layered with a tee and sweater combination or for more formal look a wool blazer and silk blouse!

HB: How long have you been in Harlem? 
BW: I have been living in Harlem for 4 years but have been having a love affair with it since my freshman year of college. The first time I visited Harlem (my girl friends and I would come for NYC weekend trips!), I knew that it was the place I wanted to call home. I love Harlem!!

HB: Is there anything you find unique about living in Harlem? 
BW: What I find most unique about Harlem apart from it's rich history, beautiful architecture (I hope to one day own a brownstone here) , cultural blends and amazing cuisines at every turn...would have to be the misconception of Harlem by the outside world. Friends, strangers and chance encounters have all commented on how they thought Harlem was a violent ridden, segregated, dangerous and unlivable place. But that's not true, like any community it's gone through it's high and lows and continues to thrive!

Article Courtesy of Harlem Bespoke

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Dreams Of Fash...Knit Suit Jersey worn by Beyonce in London

 Dreams Of Fash... Marsha Crop Top and Savannah Pencil Skirt available in four (4) colors: mauve, deep grey, rich olive and black. Fabric is knit suit jersey, has stretch and feels soft on body!!

Dreams Of Fash... Marsha Crop Top and Savannah Pencil Skirt shop this look now on
Sizing ranging from Extra-Small to Extra-Large (custom sizing also available!!)

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Open letter....Dreams Of Fash...BASICS

Dear lovebug,

It's been awhile since we last connected on this site aka DOF Blog but believe
you me, I have missed you dearly. I was not neglecting you in vain but actually
trying to expand your horizon. And is that goal I have succeeded.

Today I would like to introduce to you (with a round of applause)..... Dreams Of
Fash...BASICS collection! Consisting of 13 pieces ranging from tanks, shorts,
pants, skirts and dresses in colorful and vibrant prints! There is a piece for
every day and every occasion. It's took months of hard work and dedication but
its here and it's absolutely beautiful and beyond my wildest dreams!

This collection started from crowning I and my clients in beautiful color
filled Holland wax printed head wraps which turned into garments to crown the
body. Crowns are not always visible nor are they only for the head but also for
the body and soul!

So it's fitting that the mantra of Dreams Of Fash.... is Make Your Crown
Your crown is visible through your words
Your crown is visible through your actions
Your crown is visible through your clothing
Your crown is visible through your spirit

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, your crown is always visible and those
who see it or those you choose to show it to will treat you accordingly! So why
not make your crown visible every day, everywhere!

I have inserted a few pictures from the first spring/summer 2013 look-book. I
hope you receive it with love and an open mind!



DOF...SALE: Happy 4th!!!!!

Hey Loves!!

Many many thanks for all the love and support you've shown to Dreams Of Fash.... It's been such a blessing to be able to share with you my passion and love, Fashion!

As a thank YOU and in celebration of the 4th of July, the following promotions will be running from today July 2, 2013 to July 7, 2013!!!! These promotions are for the ENTIRE store...Dreams Of Fash...BASICS collection, vintage and headwraps!

10% OFF when you buy (1)one item
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Enjoy and wishing you a very happy and safe fourth of July!!!!!