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Beriqisu Home :: Pico de Gallo

Pico de gallo is easily one of my favorite dishes to make! Its easily, simply, fresh and super tasty!! To yield the best results, start with the freshest indigents possible. I always try to purchase everything the night before or the day of, so all my produce are at their freshest. 

You will need a large bowl to mix everything together. Start with 1 can of black beans, rinsed very well. 

Then add 1 can of corn, rinsed well under water as well! And added to bowl...

Chop/dice up the jalapenos, red onion, tomatoes, green bell pepper, red bell peppers... everything in your large bowl.

Make sure everything is dice or chopped in small pieces about the same size so it will all mix well together....

Clean you lime and cut in half. Juice it and remove all the seeds. and place aside for a moment...

Take you avocado/s cut open in half and start chopping.....(Tip: this is the very last of your produce you want to add when ready to mix and serve)

..added your chopped avocado into your bowl.

Now add vinegar to your liking of course.....

And add olive oil to your liking of course.....(be sure not to make it too oil as the avocado has oil in it as well!)

Mix everything together and enjoy!!!

Solo Wedding:: "I'm now one, with the one."

What an honor and joyful moment it was to watch our BIGGEST muse, Solange Knowles, get married to her love Alan Ferguson!!!! We all rooted for her as she changed from outfit to outfit and showed us all how love can transform two lives into one! ....We are so madly in love with this extraordinary lady from her style, talent, grace, spirit....may you and Alan have a forever union and your steps always be blessed! xo

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The Holiday Beauty Rules, According to Scarlett Johansson: Her 5 Best Party Tricks

Photographed by Mario Testino, Vogue, May 2012

It’s been a year of seminal changes for Scarlett Johansson. The 29-year-old actress moved to Paris, gave birth to her now two-month-old daughter, Rose, and snipped her honey-blonde strands into a choppy crop avec undercut. (“I feel more feminine with short hair,” she reveals.) Now back in her hometown of New York for the holidays—and in fighting post-baby shape thanks to circuit and weight resistance workouts with her bicoastal trainers whom she describes simply as “two huge, crazy fit guys”—Johansson is ready to embrace her pre-baby style by reacquainting herself with what she laughingly refers to as “everything in my closet,” including a few long-lost pairs of high-waisted jeans. “When your body has been a different shape for so long, you kind of re-find your whole wardrobe.”

The oncoming party season means she may also find occasion to revisit a festive evening look. “Because I don’t go out as often now, I probably up the glamour a bit when I do,” admits Johansson, who is quick to chalk up her increased desire for a certain kind of head-to-toe polish to living in The City of Light for the past year with her fiancĂ©, the French journalist Romain Dauriac. “In the States, people have a tendency to dress for comfort, but in Paris, the form comes over the function a lot of the time.”
That’s just fine by Johansson, who admits that she’s “never been one to shy away from wearing something bold.” The same philosophy goes for her makeup arsenal—and as a long-time ambassador for Dolce & Gabbana’s expansive beauty line, she has no shortage of supercharged color options at hand. Here, she shares her five simple beauty rules for effortlessly navigating any occasion, from how to master false eyelashes to why a colorful cat eye is worth considering.

1. There is No Better Accessory Than a Bold Lip
“Last year, I rediscovered darker lipsticks as part of my ‘return to the nineties,’ and I like those colors a lot—the dark browns especially. You can only rock those shades sometimes, and if you do, you have to pick a matte one. But I like a nice red, too, like the new Dolce & Gabbana lipstick in Real Red. It’s not too orange or too blue. The Dolce reds are all really good. I also like Devil.”

2. Contrary to Popular Belief, You Can Wear Glitter
“I think it’s nice to wear something sparkly—just avoid getting the sparkles on your forehead and your upper lip. So maybe just don’t get too drunk! If you’re using something glittery, use it for an effect—so put it in the corner of your eye, or on your brow bone, or try a glitter eyeliner over your regular eyeliner. But remember to use sparkle sparingly, like, if you’re using a highlighter like Dolce & Gabbana’s new The Illuminator Collector’s Edition, don’t wear a glittery lip gloss and a glittery eyeshadow, too.”

3. Individual Lashes Are a Good Idea—If You Keep Count
“I wear a lot of lashes for work—I’m actually wearing them right now—and while I wish I was better at applying them, doing the strip for me is a disaster. The individuals, I think, are easier. I usually just use about 4 or 5 lashes from the middle to the end of the lash line and I always apply them with a tweezer. Just make sure you count how many you use on each lid so you don’t end up with one crazy eye!”

4. More is More When It Comes to Nail Art
“The nail art trend is very exciting to me because I’ve always loved nail polish. It’s like candy! I grew up buying tons of nail polish—my best friend Julia and I used to collect it. We still have tons and tons of colors but now we’re both obsessed with nail stamps. They’re really hard to use, but they’re just delightful! I love the animal-print ones, but we’ll do, like, whole scenes using a desert theme, or safari.”

5. You Can’t Go Wrong With a Cat Eye
“There’s nothing more fabulous than a liquid cat eye. You can wear it without other makeup, or with your lipstick or smoky eye, and you can dress it up or dress it down. It’s like the perfect accessory. Liquid pens are so hard for me to use, though, so I prefer the angled brush and cream liner technique because I have better control that way. I usually draw the angle of the flick up towards the brow, and I experiment with colors like navy—or bronze is a fabulous one. I love metallics during the holidays.”

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B E R I Q I S U x Harlem Bespoke

We (Harlem Bespoke) caught up with the founder of Beriqisu during fashion week to check out what the Harlem designer label has in store for the upcoming fall delivery.  Belkis Whyte is now a fashion industry veteran who started the uptown collection at a young age and has notably dressed none other than BeyoncĂ©.  The new Beriqisu collection will be at the upcoming Sugar Hill Market on Sunday, September 21st at the garden gallery of 259 West 132nd Street: LINK

HB: What is the inspiration behind your company? 
BW: The inspiration behind my company is vibrant colors and electric prints. What better place to derive from than my own background, Ghana, West Africa. I love the people, food, energy, and booming market places. The brand, Beriqisu, continues to mold and find it's place in the fashion world while consciously leading support to women and children in Ghana. This season, after my trip to Ghana, we have set a system I'm place to use fabrics from the women in Ghana directly. It's not an easy task but it inspires me to work hard because someone is depending on the line.

HB: Has it been difficult launching a designer line in Harlem? 
BW: I do not think it has been difficult launching Beriqisu in Harlem at all. It has been as welcoming as when I arrives in May 2007, bright eyed college student, to start my internship at Ralph Lauren and Natori by Josie Natori. Harlem will always be home!

HB: What are your favorite pieces in the collection? 
BW: Ahhhh it's so hard to pick because I love them all so much!!! I guess I would say my favorites are the Aleyda Button Dress and the Fre Sleeveless Shirt with White Collar. Aleyda dress is a classic A-line dress with great detailing....easy for on the go! Fre to is striking in it's print to solid contrast and tailored structure...pair with denim, matching skirt, or legging and you're ready!

HB: As the season changes, how will the line transition? 
BW: As the season changes the line changes with it! So going into Fall'14/15 there's more icy colors instead of the brighter colors. Also the prints transition into tighter patterns in darker saturated coloring. And of course the silhouettes have to change to compensate for the colder weather. This Fall we have a lot of easy to layer pieces like the FahFah Strap Dress easily layered with a blazer or chunky cardigan. And Savannah pencil skirt which can easily be layered with a tee and sweater combination or for more formal look a wool blazer and silk blouse!

HB: How long have you been in Harlem? 
BW: I have been living in Harlem for 4 years but have been having a love affair with it since my freshman year of college. The first time I visited Harlem (my girl friends and I would come for NYC weekend trips!), I knew that it was the place I wanted to call home. I love Harlem!!

HB: Is there anything you find unique about living in Harlem? 
BW: What I find most unique about Harlem apart from it's rich history, beautiful architecture (I hope to one day own a brownstone here) , cultural blends and amazing cuisines at every turn...would have to be the misconception of Harlem by the outside world. Friends, strangers and chance encounters have all commented on how they thought Harlem was a violent ridden, segregated, dangerous and unlivable place. But that's not true, like any community it's gone through it's high and lows and continues to thrive!

Article Courtesy of Harlem Bespoke

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Dreams Of Fash...Knit Suit Jersey worn by Beyonce in London

 Dreams Of Fash... Marsha Crop Top and Savannah Pencil Skirt available in four (4) colors: mauve, deep grey, rich olive and black. Fabric is knit suit jersey, has stretch and feels soft on body!!

Dreams Of Fash... Marsha Crop Top and Savannah Pencil Skirt shop this look now on
Sizing ranging from Extra-Small to Extra-Large (custom sizing also available!!)